New Early Years Learning Platform

2nd February 2019

Parents, We are delighted to inform you that we will be changing our Early Years learning platform, we currently use  Baby’s Days we will be moving over to Blossom educational. 
I can’t tell you how excited we all are to start using this new software. It’s so user friendly for both practitioner and parent. The parent App is a cut down version of the system but what you will see is a timeline of your child’s day, observations and next steps and a button to post observations from home. The website version will show your whole child’s learning, next steps and formative reports as they are produced.
We are just finalising the Baby’s days observations etc before we start on Blossom, I am setting all the accounts up this weekend so you will receive an email invitation if you would please set your account up it will help a smooth transition. I hope everyone enjoys the new sharing platform, however as always if you have any questions, queries, niggles anything speak to any of the nursery team. We look forward to everyone’s valuable feedback.