When the nursery children visited Millbrook care home.

1st July 2019

The children were very lucky today to be invited to Milbrook care home.

It’s lovely that our nursery has developed a relationship with the care home, allowing us the opportunity to build up cross-age relationships.

This morning the children sang their “Hello Song” which gave all the children and residents the opportunity to greet each other. The children sang songs and rhymes whilst the ladies and gentlemen sang along and played instruments from our instrument basket, we shared the Gruffalo story together as a large group encouraging everyone to join in.

It was such a lovely experience for everyone the children enjoyed the increased attention from everyone and were keen to talk and sing with their elders helping to support their developing social and emotional skills.

Huge Thank you to the lovely staff and residents at Millbrook care home for having us and we look forward to coming next time for a  dough disco intergenerational activity.