Potty Training and Dummy workshop

23rd September 2021

This week at nursery we have hosted our first workshop!

This was our potty training and dummy use workshop!

We had a good turn out and we are greatful to all the families that attended this and we hope it has beenn very useful for you. All the children will recieve a copy of the hand out to help families who couldn't attend.

We spent a great deal of time talking about different strategies and ways to tackle potty training. We are aware that this is a big task to undertake and want to assist parents in this in any way that we can. We shared different success stories and offered advice to each other where ever we could. We shared a useful book which we would reccommend to parents who are considering starting out on the big journey of potty training and also shared how useful a travel potty can be- you don't want to be caught with out one! 

We then went on to talk about the use of dummies. We started this by giving all the parents a lolly pop and asking parents to try to speak to each and see what happened to thier speech. The parents found it very difficult to say certain words. We explained that this is because you can't use the tip of your tongue when you have a dummy in your mouth. The also talked about the way a dummy can impact children's teeth, causing them to grow with an open bite.  

We really hope everyone who attended found this useful and we look forward to hosting many more!