This Month at St Pauls Out Of School Club- September 2021

30th September 2021

At St Paul’s this month we’ve had so much fun and enjoyed lots of different activities and settling in all our new children. We have reintroduced the new fun stars into the setting who will be out little helpers and help the little children too. We have introduced a new self select area so that the children are able to select their own craft resources to allow them to always have choice and independence. We have had lots of fun with our themed weeks such as getting to know the children, our autumn theme was amazing - the children thoroughly enjoyed our little walks to collect leaves and look for conkers. Then the children have really enjoyed our people who help us theme, where they have pretended to be nurses and doctors by finding out what was wrong with the person and learning about cpr and what we would do under certain circumstances. Not to mention how much they loved our dental surgery role play area too! We have also listened to children during children’s meetings and have added extra toys for them to play with to enhance their learning and so that they enjoy their time more. We also baked lots of cakes and did a cake sale for Macmillan cancer support - our club alone raised £100 for charity, it was such an amazing turn out too. We have had such a fun month with all the children and genuinely couldn’t do such a fantastic job without the support we have from our parents and the schools that we work alongside.